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Wraps and Body Treatments

Atlantis Spa in Ottawa Wraps and Body Treatments

Wraps and Body Treatments

The original spa in Ottawa pleased to offer you these feel good services that are much more than simple treatments. These services will detoxify, nourish, revitalize you. Our Wraps and body treatments leave skin soft and supple. It relaxes you. Try our infrared sauna and soak in a jet tub to truly get the full benefit of a relaxing and healthy treatment. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy one of our great skin care, massage and spa services. Call or email Atlantis Spa the most established spa in Ottawa.

Atlantis Spa Ottawa

1183 Bank Street Ottawa

K1S 0X7

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Atlantis Spa Treatment Options

Back Therapy Including Exfoliation, Massage & Moisturizer30 minutes$55Book Now
Couples Massage50 minutes$170Book Now
Couples Massage60 minutes$180Book Now
1/2 Hour Body Massage30 minutes$55Book Now
Hydrotherapy Bath and Body Massage$100Book Now
Basalt Hot Stone Body Massage$130Book Now
Hot Oil Back Massage by Candlelight$48Book Now
Hydrotherapy Bath20 minutes $25Book Now
Algae Wrap$135Book Now
Aromatherapy Body Scrub Treatment$105Book Now
Mango Oil Coconut Cream Body Scrub$50Book Now
Mango Oil Coconut Back Scrub$30Book Now
Deluxe Body Massage incl. Facial Massage$125Book Now