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Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage

Swedish body massage or traditional European massage is composed of five main movements. These are long, flowing strokes applying a relaxing slight pressure on the muscles of the back and legs. The main movements are gliding, kneading, tapping, friction and vibration. Swedish massage is a great, natural way to relieve pain, loosen stiff joints, and relax tight, over used muscles. There are no side effects. Like all natural treatments it should be applied consistently for maximum benefits.

All Atlantis Spa Ottawa massages are done by certified estheticians.

Ottawa Massage Services

Swedish Body Massage by Candlelight50 minutes$82Book Now
Swedish Body Massage by Candlelight, Including Hydrotherapy50 minutes$100Book Now
Swedish Body Massage by Candlelight30 minutes$49Book Now
Couples Massage by Candlelight50 minutes$170Book Now
Couples Massage by Candlelight60 minutes$180Book Now
Deluxe Body Massage by Candlelight$125Book Now
Hot Stone Massage60 minutes$130Book Now
Back Therapy incl. exfoliation30 minutes$55Book Now