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Manicures and pedicures at the most established spa in Ottawa. Atlantis Spa Ottawa offers a wide range of nail care services including hand treatment, polish, classic manicure and more. Whether you are looking for the latest new colours and shades or need a full nail care treatment call or email Atlantis Spa Ottawa for your next appointment. Your hand and feet will look and feel healthy and stylish.

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Hand & Nail Care Treatments

Nail Polish Change$20Book Now
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Foot Care Treatments

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Reflexology – Foot Massage

Supplement your medical treatments to get more effective & better results quicker. Reflexology or foot massage is a popular feel good service that can easily accompany any Ottawa spa service and will certain to make you feel better during a pedicure and manicure service at the spa.

  • detoxifies
  • regulates the digestive system
  • balances the immune system & hormones
  • harmonizes blood & lymphatic circulation
  • relieves pain
  • releases stress
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10 Steps to a Spa Manicure

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Manicure step by step: An elegant, polished set of nails is one of the first things people will notice about you. Few things stand out as much and send such clear signals of being fashionable and stylish as your nails. While most spa offer manicure services here are our 10 easy to remember tips to select the best manicure spa.

Spa Manicure, Step-by-Step

Step 1: Check the shops supply and essentials. Take a look at their colour selection and the brands they are carrying. Ask to see:

  • Nail-polish remover, pads  and cotton swabs.
  • Nail clippers and scissors.
  • Emery board.
  • Nail buffer.
  • Cuticle pushers.
  • Callous/cuticle remover.
  • Hand/nail moisturizer creams.
  • Base coat.
  • Nail polish colours and brand.
  • Clear topcoat.
  • Ask to see where and how the spa disinfects all nail-care equipment.

Step 2: Remove any old and leftover nail polish. While acetone nail-polish removers are harsher than most others they are faster and more effective in removing old polish. Do not soak your nails in acetone or other type of nail polish remover unless youhave gel-nails.

Step 3: Clip and shape nails. Take your time to carefully clip then shape the nails. Use a gentle filing motion to avoid splintering nail-ends. A slightly rounder nail shape is the most popular and safest way to go. Avoid metal files or anything that is very coarse. They will splinter your nails. Use a gentle emery board or crystal nail file. Ask the spa what they use and check how coarse and abrasive their files are.

Step 4: Soak your nails. Put your nails in a small bowl of warm water and soak them. Ask the spa what kind of gentle face cleanser they have they could put in the water.   Do not put regular soap or detergent while soaking your nails.  Soaking the cuticle before trimming is vital so make sure to ask the spa if it is included in their service.  Do not soak for more than 3 minutes as you don’t want to soften the skin and nails up too much.

Step 5: Put on a bit of cuticle remover.  Be careful the technician does not apply too much cuticle remover. While it is essential to utilize around thickened skin do not let it sit for more than a few seconds on the skin.

Step 6: Remove overgrown cuticle and skin callouses. Make sure the movements to remove and push back cuticle is gentle, slow and smooth. Do not push it back so it is removed from the nail as it can affect nail health.  Never clip into the cuticle.

Step 7: Use a hand moisturizer. The spa should massage a quality moisturizer of rich cream or oil into the cuticles and the whole hand.  Your hands and skin will thank you for it.

Step 8: Prepare for polish.  Remove any moisturizing cream from the nail by using a cotton swab or pad with nail polish remover. This will make your nail surface clean, oil-free and ready for the nail polish application.

Step 9: Paint your nails in layers.  Use a base coat with ridge-fill, especially if you have brittle or weak nails. A good base coat will also protect your nails from staining and will re-enforce it against chipping. Then apply the first layer of colour polish and make sure the spa gives your nails enough time to dry completely between the layer applications. Once you left the spa make sure to ask or purchase the nail polish colour you used so that you can touch up with single layers as the colour wears off day to day.

Step 10: Apply moisturizer again. Keep your hands and skin well moisturized and your nails will be less likely to chip. You may also apply sunscreen daily especially if you spend a lot of times outdoors.

There are definitely no shortages of spas offering manicure services in Ottawa, Ontario. We hope you find the manicure step by step guide useful! You can see the Atlantis Spa Ottawa Manicures Services offered at Atlantis Spa Ottawa, and when you try a new spa make sure to ask and see how they approach nail care.

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