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Makeup Styling Atlantis Spa and Salon

Makeup is an art and the Atlantis spa and salon makeup staff provides the great stylish look and modern, classic style that you want in the end. You may choose for naturally beautiful look, a more conservative business feel, a bold and exotic nightclub look or a high-profile dinner party look, depending on the occasion and place, where you are heading.

To look beautiful, our estheticians need to understand your face, your best facial features, which can be your eyes, lips, cheeks and/or eyebrows and what suits you the most. So let’s combine the Atlantis spa and salon make up artists expertise with very affordable prices offered exclusively at our spa in Ottawa:

Make-up Options

Day make-up$40Book Now
Evening make-up$55Book Now
Make up lesson and application$80Book Now
Eye-lash tint$20Book Now
Eyebrow tint$15Book Now
Bridal makeup$60Book Now
Bridal hair & make up trial$130Book Now

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