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Makeup at Atlantis Spa to make you beautiful in the coming spring

Makeup at Atlantis Spa to make you beautiful in the coming spring

Makeup at Atlantis Spa to make you beautiful in the coming spring

Ladies, spring is starting slowly to come, so we must prepare our makeup arsenal to receive the warm and sunny days in a proper way. We want to look gorgeous when we walk out on the streets, so knowing what’s hot in the makeup trends for this spring is a must. Of all the styles proposed by the great designers, finds one that represents you best and puts the value on your traits. Be adventurous and play with colors or be the other way around and wear minimal or no makeup at all. Let’s just see what fashion trends prepared for us for the coming spring regarding makeup.

The eyeliner is coming back. Soft and thin lines, almost like Cleopatra, or all around the eye with nude lips are an excellent makeup for this spring. The major tendency is a thin line on the upper eyelid, made with liquid black eyeliner. But if you feel more playful you can try out daring colors instead of black. Baby blue, orange, raw green are also in fashion for this spring. So use them to contour your eyes and put a little mascara on the eyelashes. Regarding the eye shadows, shades of brown and purple are extremely trendy, no matter what is the natural color of your eyes. Brown, starting with earth tones to cream and bronze, they all make a great spring makeup. Or perhaps you think purple is better. Pastel, light or pearly purple, this makeup reminds us of the early spring flowers. So there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t wear it. For an evening dinner or party, go for the smokey eyes makeup. It is back in fashion, together with the nude lip gloss or lipstick.

The lips are mainly bare this season, although there are a couple of exceptions. Lipsticks of burgundy, dark red wine, sour cherry, even a brownish red and bright orange color the lips of the models present on the catwalk. So when you pick the lipstick for this spring, try out one of these daring colors. Of course, if you opt for lips with bold color tones, the eyes should have a minimal makeup, mascara the most. And the blush should also be applied in slight quantities. You want to avoid to look like an actor playing in a dark humor stage act.

Always was a fan for natural beauty. Well, it seems that you are lucky this spring season. The great designers also opted for the absence of makeup. The models looked like they were just woken up from their beauty sleep. No eyeliner, no lipstick, even no foundation. Still, clean your face properly and use a moisturizing cream to give your skin that fresh look. Tan skin tones are also in fashion. Either you go to get tanned or you just use some tanning powder, the main purpose is to obtain a look like just returning from a sunny vacation. Again, contour just the face and apply a subtle quantity of makeup. Natural beauty spa is in trends this spring.

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