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How correct body posture can alleviate body pain

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How correct body posture can alleviate body pain

Body mechanics is not something that is discussed often enough. Yet the lack of proper body mechanics and technique is one of the major cause of chronic body pain. Even the best massage treatment will not help much in the long term unless you correct improper body mechanics.

What is body mechanics

Body mechanics can be defined as simply the way you move your body during everyday movements. Good body mechanics include proper posture during standing, walking, running, sitting and lying. Good technique will protect your body especially you back and neck from pain. Massage therapy can definitely help alleviate pain by loosening tight muscles but its positive effect will be temporary without practicing good posture.

How to practice proper body mechanics and attain good posture

  • When standing your feet should be apart, with one foot somewhat in front of the other.
  • Keep your back straight with the shoulder slightly pulled back.
  • Always to bend from your hips and knees and not from your lower back.
  • Do not bend at your waist.
  • Lift the object using your arm and leg muscles and with a straight back.
  • Hold the object close to your body at your waist level with your arms as extended as possible.

Alleviate chronic body pain

Remember that any physical activity, even sitting or lying on a bed requires some muscles to exert force. This force puts pressure on your joints, ligaments and spine. Unless you have access to a massage therapist daily you should pay attention to the above techniques when moving, lifting and bending.
If you are suffering from chronic lower back or neck pain it is a great idea to see a licensed massage therapist. You may also visit your family physician if the pain does not subside. There is a good possibility that the pain is caused by incorrect posture or a daily activity done with bad technique. The classic example is the office worker who spends hours a day sitting hunched over a keyboard. Another modern issue of the almost non-stop usage of smartphones that puts the head and spine in an unnatural position.
Beside the effective use of body massage treatment the best way to improve on your body mechanics is simply pay attention to your body. Check your posture and see if you have to straighten out a bit. Pay attention how you hold your head. Are you looking down at a screen for hours every day? Make sure your core muscles that support your spine and head are strong enough to provide you a healthy posture. Ask your massage therapist or physio therapists to do some checks on your muscle strength, flexibility and corrective exercises.

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