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Healthy and Beauty Go Hand in Hand in Ottawa Spa

Healthy and Beauty Go Hand in Hand in Ottawa Spa

Healthy and Beauty Go Hand in Hand in Ottawa Spa

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If you want to look your best and feel even better, use tips and tricks from dermatologists and Ottawa Spa estheticians. Be perpetually beautiful by getting an early start on skin care. Skin starts to age when you are in your 20s. The habits you had when you were younger may not work anymore.

Follow these tips to have the best chance of staying beautiful.

• If you want to look your best, choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Wash with either warm or cool, but never hot or cold water and pat your face dry. Avoid aggressive scrubbing and rubbing.

• Moisturize your face daily. Moisturizer protects and improves your skin.

• It’s good to layer your beauty produces. Moisturize morning and night, wear sunscreen and lightly apply makeup. Use an anti-aging product.

• Gently scrub away dead skin and exfoliate to give your skin a soft glow. Buff off dead skin cells with a soft washcloth or use a spinning brush. Exfoliate once a week if you have oily skin.

• Good nutrition is vital for the beauty of great skin. Nutrients improve and protect skin. Use creams and serums with the ingredients of vitamins C and E.

• Some natural and also some synthetic skin care products use plant extracts that may contain rash-causing allergens. Use any product on your skin in a tiny area first to see if you are allergic or sensitive to a particular product. Atlantis Beauty Spa uses anti-allergenic skin care products that have a long standing safe record.

• Take the time once in a while to go to a salon for a facial treatment. Facials give your skin a smooth finish. Facials are relaxing. Salon facials include cleansing and exfoliating. After your very first facial, watch for redness or rashes. Always ask what brand and type of creams they will use on you.

• Keep your skin glowing by refusing to smoke. Smoking ages your skin and encourages wrinkling. Eat a ton of fruits and vegetables plus lean proteins and whole grains. Take 30 minutes every day to exercise. Exercise helps your skin by increasing blood flow. Sweat. It is not disgusting; sweat flushes out dirt from your skin. Try and find ways to de-stress. Stress makes your skin more sensitive to the sun and to breakouts.

Pamper Your Body

• Pampering your body relieves stress, increases vitality and feeds your inner soul. Tips to keeping your body healthy include:

• Drink 30 oz. of water every day. Keep your skin hydrated.

• Wear comfortable shoes. If your feet feel good, you will feel great and comfortable. Comfortable feet helps you feel more willing to work and play hard.

• Laugh as much as you can. Laughter is a good way to increase vitality in your life. Laughing builds immunity, strengthens the heart and improves your lung function.

• Clean your skin all over from head to toe. Removing dead skin cells allows your skin to breathe easier.

• Get frequent massages. Massage stimulates blood flow to your muscles and generates a sense of relaxation. Pamper yourself and get frequent massages.

• Stretch to improve blood circulation and increase energy. Stretching gives the muscles, joints and tendons of your body a sense of energy.

• Listen to great relaxing music every night before bedtime. Music will help with long-term health and promote sleep. Light some candles, burn incense and relax.

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