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Great Makeup Tips to Look Healthy and Fit

Great Makeup Tips to Look Healthy and Fit

Great Makeup Tips to Look Healthy and Fit

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If you are like most of us looking fit, young and healthy are one of those eternal goals we never quite achieve with our fast paced life styles. We try dieting, exercising in the local gym, do yoga to feel and look better. These are all great and beneficial activities but the results come agonizingly slow.

There is however, a ‘quick fix’ that you can do that with a little practice will improve your look. In this week’s Atlantis Spa Ottawa blog post we will describe you how to use some small makeup tricks to look more fit and healthy.

According to many famous fashion icons and bloggers in the fashion and beauty industry, many believe that our image speaks a volume and people just need three seconds to see you and make an idea about your looks and personality. In the following section, we tell you how to look healthier with the help of makeup tips:

A great makeup can work wonders for you

As far as the makeup is concerned, it can also do wonders for you to look thinner and best thing is that you do not need to be professional in makeup to practice these tips. We are sharing these tricks so that you can implement them to your face to look more slender, based on information from the world’s best makeup artists and fashion icons.

1. Cheeks. Apply a base of two shades darker than your skin, diagonally, down from your ears to the cheekbones. Then apply your translucent powder and finally vertically flush on the cheeks. Many makeup artists say that to make your face look thin you should also put some blush with a brush on the outer edge of the cheekbones. With this makeup trick, this area of the face will look highlighted and it makes center area of the face more clear, achieving a visual effect of refinement.
2. Sides. Uses darker base on both sides of the face vertically, up and down from upper to the lower edge of the mandible. Use your fingers to blend the edges and try not left a marked line between a base and other stuff. Then apply the same dark shade under the chin integrating it with the neck.
3. Chin. So you can achieve a thin face, use the same base and apply two dark tones at the bottom of chin horizontally, it is exactly the area you want to conceal. It is also useful to visually remove the double chin.
4. Nose. This area of your face also plays a very important role in looks of your face. Here you should apply the darker base straight down to each side of your nose. In this way your nose looks slimmer.
5. Eyes. Beauticians say that the most important thing to make your face visually thin is to give importance to the eyes. For this you must apply the eyeliner above and below the eye, but only halfway from the center to the corner where the eyelid ends. Do not forget to apply mascara, you will see that how your eyes are going to be very big and all the attention will go to them and not to the rest of the face.

Follow these make up tips and experiment what works best with your own skin for a healthier look!

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