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Facial Treatments

Atlantis Spa Facial Treatments

Atlantis spa facial treatments will improve the appearance and condition of the skin on your face. The skin on the face is the most exposed part of your body, even more so than the hand. While the hand is generally exposed to a much wider variety of chemicals and toxins the human face has to endure the elements and the chemicals in makeup applications constantly. From sunlight to the wind, rain, and cold to hot and makeup there is no other part of our largest organ, the skin, that is under more relentless attack. Yet we tend to give it scant attention: beside the usual routine of using a ‘skin neutral’ soap and general moisturizer we know next to nothing about our facial’s skin condition. The extremely thin layer of skin around our eyes are almost always the best telltale indicators that we should start taking care of our facial skin. Once, or preferably before those fine lines appear and become permanent you should think of a systematic facial skin care treatment.

Utilizing products & massage techniques from Monaco, France, and Switzerland.

Perk-me up Facial Treatment30 minutes$69Book Now
Basic European Cleansing Facial Treatment50 minutes$80Book Now
Hydraderm Facial Treatment50 minutes$85Book Now
Vita-Glow Treatment for Sensitive and Reactive Skin50 minutes$95Book Now
Balancing Treatment for Acne Skin$95Book Now
Perk-me Up Ultra Sound Facial Massage30 minutes$70Book Now
Eye Treatment$30Book Now
Revitalizing Lifting Treatment$120Book Now
New Ultrasound Facial$110Book Now

Improving your face skin care

Facial skin care includes many forms:

  • facial massage
  • blackhead extraction
  • moisturizing treatment
  • exfoliation

These facial skin care treatments are some of the most important esthetic services offered at Atlantis Beauty Spa. Facials are the first line of defense to help prevent skin discoloration, dry skin, and reduction of lines. These may appear on your forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, and chin.

Appearance of Fine Lines

It is a common worry for many when these first lines appear. At first, they are fine lines hardly noticeable. With aging, however, they become more pronounced and deep. While there is no way to stop the aging process, a well thought out skin care program is beneficial. It will help in reducing the appearance of aging and increase the overall health of your skin.

Facial Skin Routine

A facial skin care routine should ideally be augmented by an overall approach to health and beauty. Taking care to eat right, exercise, take time off to relax, sleep, not smoking will all assist to keep your skin beautiful and healthy for the long term.

Our Facial Skin Treatments

Atlantis Beauty Spa offers various facial services to fit anyone’s skin type, budget and time constraints. A recent trend in the beauty spa service industry is the emergence of shorter and more frequent visits to Ottawa spas. Instead of a full hour, long facial many clients now prefer thirty-minute perk-me up facials. The skin care benefits for the clients are still notable. Further, they can go on with their busy days quicker after the shorter more intensive spa service. The best skin care regimen includes regular visits to a beauty spa and a corresponding home skincare routine. Make sure you include a superior quality facial cleanser and toner, a few recommended brands would be Heliabran another Vagheggi, both available at Atlantis Spa, moisturizer, defoliant, and an anti-wrinkle cream. With your regular routine at home and visits to your beauty spa you should notice a marked improvement in the appearance and health of your skin.

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