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Delicious Atlantis Spa treatments

Delicious Atlantis Spa treatments

Delicious Atlantis Spa treatments


Atlantis Spa Valentine’s Day Couple Massage

You most certainly heard about some of the more exotic Atlantis spa treatments such as chocolate wrapping or chocolate treatments. But have you ever heard about ice massage or even a spa treatment with ice-cream? While ice massage was wide spread a few years ago, ice-cream is not a technique seen in many day spas in Canada. More exactly, it can be found in spa centers in Thailand. They discovered that regular ice cream, as ice had previously, can have a significant effect if used in a body massage. On the benefits list, ice cream can reduce skin inflammation, bring relief to sore muscles and can calm down sun burns. So it is the perfect treat for hot days. Besides the fact that you are massaged with delicious ice cream, the product used for the body massage contains other great ingredients such as coconut oil and Lavender oil. The mixture made is great for a body scrub and a profound skin hydration.
If you want to maintain that soft skin sensation even more, you can use coconut oil at home, between spa sessions. A light massage with this delicious and natural oil will help you maintain a fresh and glowing skin, and give you a soft coconut fragrance. Whether you do it in a spa salon or at home, massages are great for the body. They enhance the microcirculation in the skin and will relax the muscles. No wonder you feel brand new after an incredible massage session. Your body loves it, and it shows it too. As blood flow increases, due to massage movements, the skin is helped back to health and to renew itself in a more rapid manner. It is the reason your skin will look younger. Not to mention that coconut oil is great for an excellent hydration of the skin. As you massage it, the oil will help the skin look in all the moisture, getting that plump and healthy look. And not only will you look good, but you will also feel fabulous.
For a massage, you can use any essential oil, the best being the ones that have organic provenience. Beauty Spa salons with a good reputation will use only these types of oils for making mixtures for massages because they have the best effects on the skin. Not only that they help you relax, but they will also nourish your skin and make it look younger. You deserve such spoils from time to time, even if they imply using ice cream.

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