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Spa Body Therapy

Ottawa spa body massage

Spa Body Therapy

Spa body therapy is more than just a light back massage. It involves a deeper body massage of the neck, shoulder, arms, upper back, lats, lower back thighs, calves and feet. This is a complete body treatment designed to completely loosen up your tired muscles and increase blood circulation to the skeletal, deep lying muscle groups. As with other such treatments you will great after the session however to actually receive  the health benefits of massage a regular once a week program is highly recommended. If you attend a gym to work out try to come to a spa body treatment after your gym session to get added benefits to the overworked muscles. This will enhance and speed recovery and over the long term and with regular use increase muscle endurance and muscle tone. Massage and full body therapy is an important part of every athletes arsenal to achieve their best during competitions and training sessions. While you may not be a high performing athlete you can definitely get the benefits of a spa body therapy. Come into Atlantis to try a session of the Ottawa spa body therapy to see if it fits your lifestyle!

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