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Back Massage

back massage in ottawa

Back Massage

Massage is one of the most relaxing and healthy body treatments you can try at Atlantis Spa in Ottawa. Even a short and affordable 30 min back massage will greatly relax you and help your tired back muscles. Atlantis Spa offer a wide range of massage services including three different back massage services. Try our 30 minutes back therapy or a 50 minute hot stone body massage to warm up your muscles and relax on a comfortable massage station at our spa.

Package Duration Price Order
1/2 Hour Back Massage 30 minutes $62 Book Now
1/2 Hour Back Therapy 30 minutes $65 Book Now
Basalt Hot Stone Body Massage Therapy 50 minutes $135 Book Now
Hot Oil Back Massage by Candlelight 30 minutes $62 Book Now

Back pain is the second most common source of discomfort due to day-to-day pressure and lack of muscle movement the back receives. And with today’s busy lifestyles as the American Chiropractic Association estimate that there are eight out of 10 people suffering from at least the occasional back pain at certain stages in their lives. If you experience it, come and see us for a back massage in Ottawa.

Back massage services at Atlantis Spa can provide significant back pain relief by helping you achieve muscle relaxation. These services not only relax the body but can improve sleep by reducing muscle tension and pain.

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