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Get your body purified at Atlantis Spa

Now that the holidays are far away, and the winter is soon approaching its final, you should start preparing your mind and body for a refreshing new treatment at Atlantis Spa. If you want to feel like a spring flower, dazzling in the warm sunlight, you need to start preparing today. You need to clean and detoxify your body of all the fat foods and other winter habits, as the lack of movement, to feel fresh in the spring. The earlier you start, the better you will feel, when spring arrives in town.

Here are some great spa detox treatments that will ensure you the best shape and an incredible feeling.

Atlantis Spa anti – cellulite massage

Eating disorganized in the winter, and the absence of the desire to make physical exercise, may enhance the unaesthetic look of cellulite. The excesses we tend to make while enjoying the Holiday menu most definitely ended up gathering in unwanted fat deposits under the skin. Special anti-cellulite massages imply vibrations that heat up the fat cells, which will lead to their meltdown, leaving the surface of the skin more even and soft. You will need to help these massages by drinking a lot of liquids, especially water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, to help the body wash away the fat.

Massages with Dead Sea salt and algae

Because of the cold season, our skin tends to be drier and to look fade, without a glow. You just need to enjoy a massage with salt and algae from the Dead Sea, as they are great for detoxing the skin and exfoliating the dead skin cells. The result will be a glowing and softer skin, looking fresh and renewed. Combined with essential oils, the salt particles are great for enhancing microcirculation on the skin’s surface. It will lead to an even profound detoxification and skin that looks healthier. The essential oils will provide an in-depth hydration of the new skin layer that appears after the salt exfoliation.

Special mud massages and wrappings at Atlantis Spa

There are special clays that contain a large variety of mineral and elements that work wonders for a tired skin. It is an excellent treatment for both getting rid of your cellulite and for detoxifying the organism. The high content of magnesium, salts, and calcium is giving the mud its revitalizing properties. If combined with essential oils, like camphor or eucalyptus, which do wonder on the micro circulation, a mud massage will leave a slimmer and firmer skin. It is all you need to feel brand new.

Warm massages or warm soaks

If you want the skin’s pores to cleanse out all the gathered toxins, massages involving warm ingredients or even warm baths, are great to open up the pores and unclog them. The massages can include heated up algae, mixed with essential oils, which are applied on your skin and gently rubbed to make sure the entire skin surface gets the benefits of the ingredients. Or, you can enjoy a warm bath, with herbs, oils, or even milk, followed by an intense scrub. The procedure will eliminate all the dead cells and bacteria, offering you the best cleanse ever and a younger looking skin.

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