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Acne Facial Treatment

Acne Facial Treatments

Acne Facial Treatment

This acne facial treatment is based on the individual’s needs to target problem areas. With our acne facial treatment we are not only unclogging and cleansing the skin, but also increasing skin function and oxygen flow, reducing redness and inflammations.

Designed specifically to help clean skin with acne; we ensure the skin is properly cleansed before and after extractions to decrease the chance of bacteria and future breakouts. Acne prone skin must continually and consistently be treated to minimize breakouts. Daily regimen of cleaning and make up removal is a must. Atlantis Spa in Ottawa will provide you with valuable and easy to follow advice on how to take best care your acne skin. Careful selection of moisturizers, creams, make up and cleansers is of utmost importance to protect your skin.

A relaxing neck and face massage and a purifying and calming mask follows. We then finish with hydrating moisturizer to help with redness and to combat excess oil production.

Based on your individual needs, your esthetician will recommend products to help maintain clear skin.

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Acne Skin Treatment

According to some estimates well over half of us had some problems with acne at one point in our lives. For most people acne appears during puberty and disappears by the late teens. There are however, many people who suffer from this skin condition throughout their adult lives. There are many remedies and medications to alleviate acne. For severe and consistent cases your family physician can prescribe you powerful but potentially liver damaging drugs. For less prominent skin conditions Atlantis Spa offers effective acne treatments in the form of specially designed facial treatments. You should try to have your skin treated by an experienced beauty professional before you turn to medications. In most cases three or four visits a month can clear up facial acne or will drastically improve the condition and appearance of your skin. Regular visits to a great beauty spa coupled with an effective home care regimen will resolve this issue for most clients.

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